Who calls the shots in the music industry?

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yo youz on some crack g your moma putz out the videoz and more just playing gawg dont kill your self iight   | submitted by adam parks Tue Feb 25 16:52:47 CST 2003

ummm, that's easy.. the people who own everything. The big corporates and teh advertisers that support MTV. The advertisers who fork out mucho amounts of cash to advertise during primo time slots on MTV influence the demographics that MTV goes for. Let's face it, if you're a corporate music video station, you want to appeal to a demographic that appeals to the advertisers, I.E.- the group with the highest disposable income and who is most likely to spend it on crappy merchandies (13 year old girls maybe?). The corporate advertisers influence the corporate music video stations and corporate record labels who will produce the comercial unoriginal bands and "artists." And that is what makes up the popular music industry.   | submitted by Andrew Thu Mar 7 13:44:29 EST 2002


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