Is music video art or advertising?

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The problem with alot of music videos is that most people in america do not reflect the reality in the video's. Particulars on rap videos. . . I'm not sure what hood these rap mogal figures refer to, but most of the people in the hood catching hell. everyone does not have these big fancy cars, or drink crystal and flont hoeish women half dress in da hood. So when we see these studio gansters rappers, and street pimps sellout the music game it ruins it for old timers and new comers a harder time to depict a more true reality to the music game.  | submitted by DA DA Sat Dec 28 09:40:09 PST 2002

in retrospect there are two sides of every story. people who have a love and talent for music sees it in a form of art its their excitence in society today, however some people who make it into the show business world start to get controlled by the money,sex,drugs and rock and roll and see the form of music being an advertisement for themselves to get the money and not have a true form of identity for the music.  | submitted by jo Mon Dec 9 11:40:42 UTC 2002

Sorry about the pop-up ads and the cookies. As a non-profit, we cannot afford Ad-free web hosting.  | submitted by Webmaster Thu Mar 7 10:53:11 PST 2002

Music Videos that are actually played on MTV aren't even about music anymore, they're all about selling products for their corporate owners. P.S.- for a site attacking advertising and consumerism in popular mediums, you have a lot of obnoxious cookies.  | submitted by Andrew Thu Mar 7 13:39:48 EST 2002

sorry spelled name wrong.  | submitted by Oreo* Sun Jan 6 02:42:21 PST 2002

Music videos are art or advertisment. i think they are both because some artist don't write their own songs so they don't know the real art. And the artist that do write their own songs have a more feeling about the music video and how its suppose to go.  | submitted by Orep Sun Jan 6 02:39:23 PST 2002


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